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15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge

For anyone who is serious about learning how to make money online, doing the important work, mastering the essentials, and getting REAL results - or at least learning a new skill that you can always monetize in the future - check this out!

The Netflix of marketing training. Education and resources to start, grow and scale your online business. Members receive access to a HUGE database of training and access to a LIVE 1-Hr Webinar every Monday @ 3:00 PM EST taught by Drew Kairos on a topic related to mindset, marketing, sales, management or operations. Offered through our coaching contract with LegendaryMarketer.

I want to take a moment to tell you of my experience with Drew Kairos. I have called on him many times. He assembled my funnel and autoresponder. He is very professional and personable. It is very important for me to receive answers to my questions in a timely manner - he excels. He also understands what is needed and gets the information to me. He has an upbeat, positive attitude which is always welcome. I am sure that some of the questions I throw at him can be pretty frustrating...I think it is a skill of a real Pro for him not to show it. A truly heartfelt thank you Drew. You are awesome and I appreciate you so much.
Susan Thompson
Affiliate Marketer
"Drew was fantastic. He was knowledgeable and professional and was able to walk me through the processes in my business step by step on what I needed support in. I definitely learnt a lot of new tech stuff that has boosted my tech knowledge base. He was also able to provide extra time during the 1:1 consultation something I appreciate dearly. I would definitely recommend Drew and Legendary. "
Emmanuel Loding
Affiliate Marketer
Just that I love what you guys doing and I hope to continue learning from LM and Drew. It's the best online education platform that teaches the real skills in the internet marketing/online business space and I really do love the fact that I can reach out to actual professionals that will guide me in the process of becoming great at online marketing. No one else does this and I trully appreciate it! Thank you guys, you are helping me to achieve my dreams.
Brett Slansky
Digital Marketer

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The Copywriters Playbook For 2021

​Advertise anywhere, on any platform, anytime...profitably. Take absolute control of your lead generation and customer acquisition. Make more sales. You will also become loved, adored, and admired... and you may find yourself with so many new "fans" that your friends and family might start to wonder what you're really doing on that computer.

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